Yacht & Marine (Boat Detailing)

boat detailingWe are a boat detailing and restoration company that offers a broad variety of services everything from an express wash to a complete full restoration of your boat. We use the latest technology in finish correction and surface protection developed by some of the most advanced chemical company’s in the world. With over 30 yrs. combined experience our team will provide you with expert service to satisfy all your vehicle appearance needs.


  • High gloss protective finishes
  • Clay baring
  • Waxing compounding glazing
  • Swirl mark removal
  • Finish correction
  • Oxidation removal
  • Environmental fallout removal
  • Complete interior detailing
  • Leather cleaning and restoration
  • Bio sanitation
  • Mold removal
  • Metal polishing and restoration
  • Exclusive nano ceramic clear coating system

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